What Our Clients Say

I have worked with Jo for many years and always valued her involvement as a speech and language therapist as her input has been fundamental in the rehabilitation programme. Jo is excellent at understanding the client's needs and then working with them to maximise their recovery.

Personal Injury Solicitor, Leeds

Jo is highly experienced yet friendly, relaxed and very approachable - you feel like you are in safe hands. Her expertise and guidance is very much appreciated by our families and the professionals we support.

Bradford Down Syndrome Training & Support Service Ltd

Jo has been working with my daughter for about eight months. My daughter was diagnosed with a complex genetic disorder at birth and as a result has, amongst other problems, delays in learning, can display behavioural problems and was non-verbal until around 3 1/2 years of age although her understanding was always there. Now she is 5 years old. We always struggled to communicate verbally with her which was frustrating. From day one, I noticed how well Jo connected with her and how easily she responded to Jo. This, I had not seen before, when working with other speech and language therapists. Since working with Jo, our daughter has not only grown in confidence with using her own words but has become so much clearer. The improvement in her verbal language has been amazing. Family, friends and school have all been surprised by her speech and how quickly she has come on. Even though we still have a long way to go with her, there's nothing I enjoy more than asking her about her day at school and my daughter telling me what a lovely day she's had playing with her friends.

Katie, parent.

Our son has had a very complex health history. As well as having Down Syndrome he had a tracheostomy until he was nearly 5, was tube fed until he was 3 and still has all his fluids through his gastrostomy. We first met Jo when he was a baby and she worked at the LGI. She remained involved until he was fully discharged from hospital aged 18months. When his school agreed to fund someone to work with him Jo was the obvious choice as she had such an understanding of his history and how this had impacted on his speech, communication and feeding.

Our son's speech has been very delayed. However, since working with Jo his progress has been phenomenal. She has a real understanding of his health history. She really relates to him, uses a variety of techniques and constantly adapts things to get the best from him. It's so lovely to hear him trying new words, attempting sentences and being really determined to pronounce all the sounds in a word. Combined with this Jo is starting to use Talk Tools, and hopefully, one day he will overcome his reluctance to drink. We now have a proper little chatterbox and it's wonderful.

Steph and Sharron, parents