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Based in Brighouse, we offer speech and language therapy sessions to children and young adults in and around the local area.

Families seek independent therapy for many reasons, including:

  • Their child doesn't fulfil NHS criteria for input
  • They are on an NHS waiting list or have been placed on review by NHS services
  • They would like more input than the NHS can offer

With your permission, we will liaise with your NHS speech and language therapist so we can work together to help your child reach their potential.

Our service is flexible and we will work with you to meet your own individual requirements.

We offer regular therapy sessions or, alternatively, we can provide you with a therapy programme that you can practise at home and have reviewed and updated as agreed. We will discuss the options that are suitable for you at your initial assessment session.

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Jo is highly experienced yet friendly, relaxed and very approachable - you feel like you are in safe hands. Her expertise and guidance is very much appreciated by our families and the professionals we support.

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For more information please call 07874 234914 or visit our contact page

Communication & Feeding

Jo Gallagher is a Talk Tools Level 4 therapist. Level 4 therapists have a complete understanding of how apply the approach to support feeding and speech development. They must also keep these skills up to date every year.

Jo also offers PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets) therapy. PROMPT is a multi-dimensional therapy approach which integrates physical, social-emotional and language learning skills.

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